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A fragrant fusion of leather, cardamom, oud, saffron, apple, and cashmere wood intertwines to create a captivating olfactory journey, evoking tales of adventure, unity, and opulence.

Spice Market Dubai

The Full Story

In the heart of Dubai's bustling old spice market, a hidden treasure awaited discovery. The air was thick with the intoxicating aroma of exotic spices, and amidst the labyrinthine alleys, an enchanting fragrance was born.


Legend has it that a master perfumer, known for his unparalleled skill, embarked on a quest to capture the essence of this ancient marketplace. With each step, he absorbed the scents of leather goods, the warmth of cardamom-infused teas, and the rich, earthy embrace of oud wood. His senses danced with saffron's golden allure, and the crisp sweetness of ripe apples hanging nearby. As he wandered deeper into the market's secrets, he stumbled upon a merchant's haven—a trove of cashmere wood, exuding an air of luxury and comfort.


Inspired by this immersive experience, the perfumer returned to his workshop with a vision in mind. Carefully, he began blending the notes he had encountered, crafting a fragrance that would encapsulate the very soul of the old spice market. Each ingredient was meticulously selected, and every drop was a tribute to the market's history, culture, and allure.


And so, '148b' was born—a tantalizing blend that evoked the memories of the spice market's vibrant tapestry. With a spritz of this exquisite perfume, one could journey through time and space, reliving the essence of Dubai's rich heritage. The scent of leather whispered tales of traders and nomads, while cardamom and saffron conjured images of communal gatherings over steaming cups of chai. Oud, the liquid gold of the Middle East, lent its timeless elegance, while apple notes added a touch of modernity and vibrancy. Finally, cashmere wood grounded the fragrance, wrapping the wearer in a comforting embrace that resonated with the very heart of the marketplace.


As '148b' graced the wrists of those who sought a unique olfactory experience, it carried with it the soul of Dubai's old spice market—a fragrant journey through time, culture, and enchantment.

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