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An enchanting blend where Ambergris, Olibanum, and Woodsy Notes converge, creating a mesmerizing symphony of earthy allure and mystical resonance.


The Full Story

Amidst the grandeur of history, a designer's footsteps echoed through the opulent halls of the Versailles Palace. As she gazed upon the ornate architecture and marveled at the intricate details of French Baroque, an idea began to bloom—a fragrance that would encapsulate the very essence of this regal masterpiece.


With a heart brimming with inspiration, she returned to her atelier, eager to translate the splendor of Versailles into a fragrance that would evoke its greatness and beauty. The designer meticulously selected each note, carefully crafting a blend that would transport its wearer to the resplendent corridors and manicured gardens of the palace.


Ambergris, the treasure of the sea, formed the base of the fragrance. Its rich, lingering aroma captured the enduring legacy of Versailles, just as the palace's grandeur had stood the test of time.


Olibanum, also known as frankincense, added an ethereal touch. Its aromatic embrace echoed the spiritual aura of the palace, where history and culture converged in a harmonious blend.


Woodsy notes, reminiscent of the surrounding Versailles forests, completed the composition. They whispered of nature's elegance and added depth to the fragrance, much like the tapestries of trees that surrounded the palace.


When the fragrance was finally unveiled, it was as if the very essence of Versailles had been captured in a bottle. Each spritz enveloped the wearer in an aura of regality, an olfactory journey that mirrored the grand architecture, exquisite gardens, and unparalleled elegance of the palace.


Wearing this perfume was akin to draping oneself in the regal splendor of Versailles. It was an invitation to embrace the majesty of history, to walk in the footsteps of kings and queens, and to carry a piece of the palace's timeless beauty wherever one ventured. With every scent, a connection to the past was forged, and the wearer became a part of the storied tapestry of Versailles—a living embodiment of its greatness and allure.

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