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In a captivating blend, White Musk, Vanilla, Patchouli, and Labdanum intertwine to create a fragrance that tells a tale of sensuality, warmth, and mystery. Each note contributes its own unique facet, crafting a scent that is both alluring and evocative.


The Full Story

In the corridors of history, where tales of conquest and intrigue echo through time, there exists a fragrant secret that transcends borders and eras—a secret woven within the tapestry of a conqueror's journey.


Amidst the expanse of ancient lands, the formidable Napoleon Bonaparte embarked on a campaign that would forever alter the course of fragrance history. As he traversed the realms of Egypt, a treasure lay waiting—an exquisite couple of patchouli-scented cashmere shawls. Their aroma, a symphony of enchanting notes, whispered stories of distant lands and beguiling mysteries.


Napoleon, captivated by the allure of these shawls, brought them to the heart of France. Their scent, infused with the essence of patchouli, became a closely guarded secret—a fragrance reserved for the discerning few who were privy to Napoleon's inner circle.


Now, centuries later, the memory of this clandestine aroma lives on. A new fragrance emerges, paying homage to the legacy of Napoleon's discovery—a scent that captures the essence of conquest, elegance, and timeless allure.


White Musk, reminiscent of the whispers of courtly intrigue, forms the heart of the fragrance. Its ethereal notes evoke the elegance and mystery that surrounded Napoleon's reign.


Vanilla, the epitome of indulgence and luxury, offers a nod to the refinement of Napoleon's court. Its sweet embrace mirrors the lavish gatherings and celebrations that defined his era.


Patchouli, the very essence of the shawls' origin, weaves a rich narrative. Its earthy, aromatic layers transport the wearer to the sands of Egypt, where the cashmere shawls once exhaled their captivating aroma.


Labdanum, an ancient resin known for its captivating allure, adds depth and complexity. It echoes the intrigue and secrets that have enveloped the story of these patchouli-scented shawls.


As the fragrance unfurls, it becomes a sensory voyage—a journey through time and history, evoking the scent that once graced the presence of a conqueror. To wear this fragrance is to embark on a voyage of elegance and mystique, a tribute to the timeless legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte and the fragrance that marked his conquest of the senses.

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