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In a harmonious blend, Leather, Woody Notes, and Tobacco come together to create a fragrance that exudes an air of rugged sophistication and timeless allure. Each note adds depth and character, crafting a scent that embodies the essence of strength, elegance, and exploration.

Row of Cigars

The Full Story

In the heart of her childhood home, where the aroma of tobacco mingled with the allure of leather and the hushed tones of business talk, a young designer named Areej found herself drawn to a world that was both captivating and mysterious.


Her brothers, with their Borsalino hats perched atop their heads, gathered in the cigar room—a sanctuary of leather chairs and camaraderie. There, they would sit, puffing on cigars, engaging in intellectual discussions, and sharing their ambitions with an air of confidence that left an indelible mark on Areej's impressionable mind.


In those stolen moments, as she quietly observed from the sidelines, Areej absorbed the essence of that room. The scent of leather chairs that bore witness to countless conversations, the aroma of rich tobacco that danced through the air, and the lingering presence of Borsalino hats—all these elements wove a tapestry of memories that would stay with her forever.


Years later, as Areej found herself on the path of creativity and design, she sought to capture the essence of that cigar room—the spirit of camaraderie, the allure of leather, and the rich depth of tobacco. She skillfully blended these elements to craft a fragrance that would tell the story of her childhood memories.


Leather, with its rugged elegance, became the cornerstone of the fragrance. It mirrored the strength and sophistication of the leather chairs upon which her brothers had sat, fostering discussions that were both enlightening and ambitious.


Woody notes, reminiscent of the cigar room's decor, added depth and character. They evoked the timeless ambiance of the room, a place where intellectual discussions unfolded against a backdrop of wooden accents.


Tobacco, the very heart of the fragrance, painted a vivid olfactory picture of those cherished moments. Its rich aroma was a tribute to the camaraderie and aspirations that had permeated the room, leaving an impression that lingered long after the cigars had been extinguished.


As Areej unveiled her creation—a fragrance born from childhood memories and inspired by a place of business and brotherly bonds—she invited others to partake in the experience. To wear this fragrance was to step into the past, to embrace the nostalgia and elegance of that cigar room, and to become a part of Areej's cherished memory—a memory transformed into a scent that captured the essence of camaraderie, ambition, and a love for the finer things in life.

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