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In a harmonious blend, Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Moss come together to create a fragrance that whispers of tranquility, warmth, and the embrace of nature. Each note adds its own unique nuance, weaving a fragrant tale that is both comforting and captivating.


The Full Story

In the golden hour, where the sun kissed the horizon and the gentle waves kissed the shore, the designer found herself on horseback, galloping along the pristine beach. As the salty breeze tousled her hair, an unexpected aroma danced through the air—a tantalizing blend of vanilla and baked delights.


Intrigued, she followed her senses to a quaint bakery nestled near the shoreline. There, amidst the sound of crashing waves, she discovered a small haven crafting vanilla croissants that promised a taste of pure indulgence. The mingling scents of warm vanilla and flaky pastry enveloped her, creating a sensory symphony that was as enchanting as the view before her.


Inspired by this serendipitous encounter, the designer embarked on a fragrant journey, capturing the essence of that moment in a bottle. Vanilla, the heart of the bakery's creations, formed the core of the fragrance—a reminder of indulgence and comfort, much like the taste of those croissants on the beach.


Sandalwood, reminiscent of the driftwood scattered along the shore, added a woody depth that echoed the tranquility of the coastline. Its earthy notes captured the sense of grounding that came from riding alongside the rhythmic tides.


Moss, a silent observer of nature's embrace, completed the composition. It whispered of the lush landscape that framed the beach, offering a touch of green freshness and a connection to the natural world.


As these three notes intertwined, they told a fragrant tale—a tale of riding freely on horseback along the beach, of stumbling upon a bakery that transformed vanilla into art, and of capturing that fleeting moment in a scent that would forever evoke tranquility, warmth, and the embrace of nature.


With every spritz of this fragrance, the wearer could relive the magic of that day—the sensation of wind, sand, and sea; the aroma of vanilla croissants and the allure of the shoreline. It was a journey through senses, an homage to a serendipitous encounter, and a testament to the power of inspiration found in the most unexpected places.

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