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Areej Concept

"No one lives forever, but jewelry can"

- Areej Al Nazar - 

At Areej Jewellery, we focus on three elements that have accompanied humanity since the beginning of time:

Legacy, Art, and Wealth


Why Areej?

Jewellery is not a uniform. Every person should have his own customized jewellery that is especially made for them. A piece or collection to be succeeded for generations.

Dazzling displays, diamond rings, gold, necklaces, and so much more are everywhere... yetnothing stands out or is new.

A diamond sparkle can convince anyone with its beauty, but what about ten pieces of diamond? That would also be considered beautiful.

Diamonds were created by god and not humans... what about the art in using diamonds andgemstones? What about the stories and legacies? At Areej we give more value to each and every piece so it becomes a part of your story, passion, and legacy. A deeper meaning that when simplified is similar to a time machine that teleports you back to that very special moment of your life.


To inspire and beautify the world with our meticulously crafted fine and modern antique jewelry designs that tell personalized stories.


To be recognized as the one of the most recognized premium luxury jewellery stores, and as the leaders in our field.

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