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Eternity Love

Eternity Love

Eternity Love by Areej: 18k White Gold, White Diamond, and Jade Stone.

A set customized to embody perfection, purity, and Assyrian heritage Eternity Love by Areej uses white gold, white diamond, and eye-grabbing jade stones right at the center of each piece.

Eternity Love by Areej is inspired and stylized with circular symbols representing the notions of totality, eternity, & cyclic movement.

Eternity Love's engravings over the circles is inspired by 3,000 year old Assyrian Art sculptures displaying it as not only a simple feminine jewellery set, but one that is rich with history.

The large jade stones used right at the core of each piece solidly signifies gentleness, the purity of the soul, and protection for the lover’s energy.


This mixture of perfection, history, and feminine gentleness in the Eternity Love set by Areej makes it the perfect gift for your loved one.

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