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In the ancient city of Babylon, where the Euphrates River flowed gently through the heart of Mesopotamia, a rich tapestry of stories and myths was woven into the fabric of daily life. Among these tales were stories of the stars, the celestial bodies that guided the lives and destinies of the people. Today, a jewelry designer seeks to revive this Babylonian heritage, translating ancient stories into modern designs that shimmer like diamonds in the sky.

zodiac wheel 1.png

the zodiac signs

that adorned ancient Babylonian temples and artifacts, the designer infuses her creations with the mystique and allure of the cosmos. Each piece is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of a zodiac sign, from the fiery determination of Aries to the enigmatic depths of Scorpio.

The centerpiece of her collection is a series of celestial necklaces, each featuring a dazzling diamond that represents a star in the night sky. These diamonds, with their brilliant sparkle and timeless beauty, serve as a reminder of the eternal dance of the stars above.

But the designer's vision goes beyond mere adornment. She sees her jewelry as a way to connect people to their ancient roots, to remind them of the stories and traditions that have shaped their culture. Each piece is a conversation starter, a gateway to a world where gods and goddesses walked among mortals and the stars held the secrets of the universe.

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