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The Hoopoe of Solomon

The Hoopoe of Solomon

The Hoopoe of Solomon by Areej: 18k White Gold, Black Enamel, White Diamond, and Two Carat Black Diamond (Each Piece).

Inspired by the story of King Solomon Hoopoe, this subtle set was made to look as a Hoopoe bird signifying wisdom, sacredness, and protectiveness.

Hoopoes (Hud-Hud in Arabic) are colorful birds that are found across Afro-Eurasia, notable fortheir unique “crown” of feathers. Mentioned in various religious books, Prophet Solomon was a king whose armies consisted of troops made of men and birds. He was blessed with the unique ability of being able to talk to animals and birds for hunting, communicating important messages, and other suitable services.

Signifying freedom, one of the Hoopoes’ is designed as though it’s flying mid-air, whilst the other is designed as though it is resting over a tree branch. Hoopoes are also characterized with black and white feathers, the designer decided to use black enamel and black diamond to embody this unique feature.

With earrings that look like a bird’s wings, the set includes two fine Hoopoe bird brooches thatcan be attached to a special necklace, whilst the diamond drops can be attached to the earrings for convenient daily use. Giving you complete customization and control of this lovely set.

Enjoy complete customization with this subtle yet eye-catching set on any day or event during the year.

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