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Eternity Love

Eternity Love by Areej: 18k White Gold, White Diamond, and Jade Stone.

A set customized to embody perfection, purity, and Assyrian heritage Eternity Love by Areej uses white gold, white diamond, and eye-grabbing jade stones right at the center of each piece.

Eternity Love by Areej is inspired and stylized with circular symbols representing the notions of totality, eternity, & cyclic movement.



The engravings, reminiscent of Assyrian Art, bestow upon the Eternity Love collection a unique character, transforming each piece into a wearable artifact that celebrates the intricate artistry of an ancient civilization. As you don these creations, you carry with you the essence of a cultural legacy, making a profound statement that extends far beyond the aesthetics of modern fashion.

At the heart of each masterpiece lies a large jade stone, a symbol that reaches back through the ages to convey profound meanings. Solidifying the very core of the Eternity Love collection, these jade stones symbolize more than just the allure of a precious gem; they signify gentleness, embodying the purity of the soul, and serve as a protective talisman for the energies exchanged between lovers. The jade, with its lush green hues, becomes a conduit for expressing the delicate intricacies of love, making every piece not just a jewel but an emblem of profound emotions.


This harmonious blend of perfection, history, and feminine gentleness elevates the Eternity Love set to a league of its own. Areej has meticulously crafted a collection that transcends the boundaries of time, allowing you to gift more than just jewelry; you gift an experience, a journey through art and history encapsulated in each piece. Whether it's a special occasion or an ordinary day made extraordinary by love, the Eternity Love set becomes the perfect expression of your feelings, a unique and cherished gift for your loved one.


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