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Rainy Day in Mesopotamia

Rainy Day in Mesopotamia by Areej: 18k Yellow Gold, 18k White Gold, White Diamond, and Blue Cameo.

A seasonal tell-tale of a unique set, Rainy Day in Mesopotamia was made to inspire new beginnings, and promote good


prospects no matter what challenges are being faced.

Made for the lovers of winter, the rain drops signify renewal, fertility and promotes good prospects and change through the magical symbol of rain.



Enjoying the rain from her window, a mysterious lady in blue cameo shines at the core of each piece whilst stylized in beech tree leaves as a symbol of purity and serenity of the Mesopotamian era.

A modern design with a historic touch, the frame is shaped as a modern ellipse with classic golden leaves signifying that no matter how many years pass, history stays intact forever.

The golden chains hanging from the center piece represent the sharpness of the rain, whilst the white diamonds at the end of each chain embodies the effect rain drops create when touching the ground.


The necklace includes seven lines incorporated into the design as it’s the designer’s luckynumber. It also includes two lines in each earring as the designer was born on the twelfth of the twelfth. Similarly, you can personalize this piece to create your own stories and to fit your special memories and passion.

Impossible not to notice, wear and showcase this elegant and unique set with pride and confidence.

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