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Precious Times Freeze

Precious Times Freeze by Areej: 18k Yellow Gold, Baguette Diamonds, Ruby, and Imperial Jade Stone.

Similar to its name, this set is like a wish from a fairy god mother. Freezing the good times and the eternal moments that we cherish.


This specific set was personalized by and for the designer for her birthday. The idea of the diamond dial is a watch pointing towards 4:25, the designer's birth timing, using three red ruby's which represent the designer's three brothers that awaited her arrival as their first sister.


set 3ab_edited.jpg

The center jade represents the designer's mother as it represents purity and purification. Not only are they regarded as protection and support stones, but they also symbolize gentleness and nourishment.

This lovely set could similarly be personalized to fit your special date and time as well.

Ruby stones were specifically used to represent each brother because rubies were considered as the stones of love, care, passion, power, and zest. Unlike other gemstones, ruby is the perfect symbol for powerful feelings.

set 3ab_edited.jpg
set 3ab_edited.jpg

The structure made out of yellow gold represents the designer’s father. Similar to how the gold is the structure of many pieces, the father is the strong structure of every family.

Personalize this set to represent your loved ones and to always have them by your side in every moment.

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