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At the heart of this extraordinary ensemble lies one of the designer's most cherished gemstones – a rare, large-sized sea-salted pearl. This exquisite treasure from the depths of the ocean is seamlessly incorporated into the design, adding an unparalleled touch of sophistication to each piece. The sea salt infusion enhances the pearl's natural beauty, creating a mesmerizing allure that captures the essence of the ocean itself.

Treasure of the Ocean

Treasure of the Ocean by Areej: 18k Yellow Gold, Diamonds, and South Sea Pearls.


One of the designer's favorite gemstones, a rare large-sized sea salted pearl was incorporated into this extremely elegant set.


No matter what age or where you're from, pearls always provide a calming effect and assists in releasing all the pain and stress.


Wear this rare and precious treasure elegantly and stress-free to your important nights. Rarity of this set includes:

  1. 14 mm to 16 mm Southern Sear pearls.

  2. Two varying earring designs that can be used daily or on special extravagant occasions.

  3. 18 mm huge center piece pearl that can be worn as a pendant or can be attached in the



Beyond the aesthetic allure, pearls, especially those from the ocean, have an enduring significance. No matter your age or origin, pearls possess a universal quality – they offer a calming effect and serve as a source of solace, releasing the burdens of pain and stress. In "Treasure of the Ocean," Areej has masterfully harnessed the inherent tranquility of pearls, ensuring that wearing this set becomes not just an adornment but a soothing experience for the wearer.

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