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The Heaven's Orchid

The Heaven's Orchid

The Heaven's Orched by Areej: 18k White Gold, Diamond, South Sea Pearls, 5 Karat Diamond, and 2 Carat Diamond

(per earring).

One of the designer's favorite flowers, Orchid is widely used on its own as its uniquely beautiful when compared to other flowers. In fact, there are more than 25,000 different types of orchidexisting naturally, and they make up the planet’s largest group of blooming flowers.

Stylized as an Orchid flower, this set was made to signify strong personality, confidence, and purity. This set was also named as “The Orchid of Heaven” due to its shine and diamonds.

To add a subtle touch, a detachable dangling pearl can be attached to the set based on preference.

This simple yet striking piece looks great on any outfit or occasion.

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