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French Parure 

We specialize in creating and manufacturing parure designs using the latest technique and the best tools available.


We proudly invented the flying necklace concept for the first time using a special magnetic lock for the highest safety.


This special lock was produced in-house at our Maison's workshop and we exclusively been using this technique in all our Parure Sets.

Bridal Parure

by Areej

French parure has always been the most perfect for brides. French parure is a set of various items of matching jewellery, which rose to popularity in the 17th century Europe.


Reserved for royalty and the wealthier classes, no woman was considered socially acceptable without a complete wardrobe of jewellery that defined her status, strength and political power. In old French, parure means adornment.


Instead of purchasing an overly-expensive dress that can only be worn once, you could have a French parure designed based on your own story and using your favorite gemstones for your wedding day.


You could even style your wedding dress using exclusive jewels to be attached over and around the dress. These jewels can be used overtime and post-wedding so that you will forever remember and cherish this happy moment throughout your lifetime.


Keep a piece of your wedding day with you throughout your lifetime with Areej.

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