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Ishtar Gate


Ishtar Gate Parure

Ishtar Gate Parure by Areej: 18k Yellow Gold, and Lapis Lazuli.

Simply imagine if the designer of Ishtar Gate travelled in a time machine to our modern era and decided to design a necklace inspired by his Ishtar Gate workings; elegant, modern, and using the latest technology and newest techniques. How would it look like?

Inspired by the Ishtar Gate of Babylon, this french parure set can be worn in various way and forms.

The necklace can be worn in two different ways, as a floating necklace, or as a round necklace. This specific necklace has a unique lock that can only be unlocked using a special magnetic device to make sure that it is fully safe to wear over the shoulders.

Ishtar Gate of Babylon includes three animals, the lion, and two imaginary animals, all representing the great power of the Babylon Empire. Inspired by it, at each side an animal is present. At the center of the necklace a lion is easily visible along with a head of a dragon, and a bull all signifying control and power.

The flying tiara was designed with a special and unique technique where a hallow design is integrated at the bottom of the tiara making it seem as if the it is floating and with nothing holding it (similar to a halo).

Take a stride through ancient times with this elegant and modern antique French parure set from Areej.

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