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Lady of Versailles

Lady of Versailles

Lady of Versailles by Areej: 18k Yellow Gold, Orange Cameo, and White Diamonds.


After the designer’s visit to the beautiful city of Paris, she fell in love with the Frencharchitectural baroque. Inspired by the hall of mirror in Versailles Palace (Château de Versailles), the designer created and designed this glamorous set to embody elegance, shine, as well as classic and historical architecture.


Simply imagine if the Hall Of Mirror designer travelled through a time machine to arrive at our current moment to create this extravagant piece of luxury, how would they have designed it? And how will they implement a part of the Versailles Palace into this jewellery set?


A true embodiment of historic class, prestige, elegance, and luxury, wear this set with complete confidence and pride to your most important events.

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